May 15, 2015 TXAD

Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook page for your business is a great way to cross the campground/customer barrier and truly reach your potential guests. Facebook business pages can be used to promote specials, services and events while allowing residents to ask questions and provide feedback.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 4.32.47 PMIf you’re wondering how to increase the reach your posts obtain on Facebook, consider research that speaks to the power of native videos. You will notice on your business page that you have the opportunity to upload a video through Facebook. While many people link to YouTube videos, research shows that they may be missing out. According to the article “Facebook Advises Pages Against Posting YouTube Videos” by Chris Crum, “Facebook is clearly favoring content from its own platform in the News Feed.”

If you need to reach your customers, videos are an effective way to market. Data shows that videos have achieved a 148% in reach. This is also true for mobile videos, as many Facebook users browse on their smartphones or tablets. Facebook is an excellent tool to spread knowledge, news and updates, and it’s greatly dependent on user’s News Feeds. When it comes down to it, users see what their friends are sharing, and often continue sharing those posts to reach thousands or millions of viewers. Ensuring that your posts show up in News Feeds is key to operating a successful business page.

YouTube is effective as it hosts a high volume of continued views. Customers know they can depend on YouTube to find information about virtually anything. To achieve the best reach and best marketing results, consider implementing both platforms into your social media plan.

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