April 10, 2015 TXAD

Quality Local Content Boosts Search Results

TXAD Internet attended the SEJ Summit in Dallas last month and took away some incredible tips. The summit highlighted local search and best practices to optimize SEO. Generating relevant local content can greatly improve your search results, so here are a few tips.

glassThere are a several things to think about when incorporating local content. Content must be unique and relevant to the customer. Think about who your customers are, and what they’re looking for. Write content that applies to them, their wants and their needs. Small businesses have the advantage in local search because they can dedicate an entire site to one location, whereas enterprise businesses only have one web page per location. This gives RV parks and campgrounds plenty of room to include interesting content, and make easy updates when information changes.

When you map out your local content, be sure to include the city name and state into your title tag, heading, content and meta description, and include a Google map on the site. Adding your local phone number and address to every page will also improve your rankings.

Your local content should also extend to your blog. Some parks use their blogs entirely as marketing tools, but they are missing out on another purpose. Generating unique local content on your blog draws customers to your area and gives them a reason to stay. Blogging about local events and attractions will inspire guests to visit, and perhaps stay for the season.

Navigating through Google’s changing standards and algorithms is no easy task. To review the current state of your website and receive a diagnostic SEO report, call 877-518-1989 or visit our website for more information.


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