April 18, 2013 TXAD

An award-winning example of good usability.

Usability is something that all designers and developers, no matter their background, should strive for with their product. Sometimes the simplest looking designs end up being the best at accomplishing that task. Here’s a perfect example:


Yes, it’s a government website. There’s barely any graphics or exceptional use of colors, and yet it won British Design Museum’s Designs of the Year 2013. By the way, this simple-looking website beat out 99 other buildings, inventions, software, and cars on the list, and is the first website in the award’s 6 year history to win the title. Pretty amazing for a website most people will only visit a couple times a year…and that’s if you’re British.

After visiting other government websites for information, this one seems like a piece of cake. It’s also responsive (load the site on your phone, or simply reduce the width of your browser). The developers even want other governments and people to use their code, so they’ve kindly hosted it on Github.