May 27, 2015 TXAD

Analytics Take Websites to the Next Level

Creating a website for your campground or RV park is a great first step. But without the proper tools for monitoring traffic, owners are left in the dark about how their website is being used, and by whom. Implementing Google Analytics into your website can truly take your marketing to the next level.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 3.56.26 PMPart of effective advertising is knowing where you stand. With Google Analytics, you can keep up with your customers wherever they go. From ads to videos, websites, social tools, smartphones and tablets, Google Analytics can keep you in the know about your current customer picture. At its core, Google Analytics allows you to analyze customer traffic, which helps you form an effective website based on their needs. By documenting traffic sources and visitor flow, you can see who is visiting your site, and where they’re going.

In-page analytics gauge how visitors interact with your pages. You can create a marketing plan centered on these statistics, which enhances your customer impact. With more customers visiting websites through mobile search, it’s also important to have app analytics. Mobile App Analytics monitor visitor activity from discovery to page interaction. This knowledge empowers campground owners to create more effective websites that speak right to the customer’s needs.

Is your website in good shape? Contact TXAD to talk about Google Analytics, and how it can play a role in your advertising. Call TXAD at 877-518-1989 or visit our website for more information.

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