November 8, 2012 TXAD

Email Blasts To Stay In Touch

As one service we offer at TXAD Internet, creating and sending email blasts tends to be more overlooked than most. An Email Blast is when we design (or receive a design) and send an email for a client to multiple recipients, i.e. a monthly e-newsletter. An email blast is a great way to keep in touch with customers who are already familiar with your product/company/rv park/etc, and to make sure to remind them of what kinds of services you provide to entice them to return.

For some companies, this means letting your audience know about sales and deals they can expect to find, and when. For others, maybe you just want to touch base and update them on the goings-on in the area. Since a chunk of our clients manage RV Parks and Resorts, we typically see emails detailing upcoming events in and around the park, along with temporary rate reductions and offers on extended stays. This is a wonderful tool, because it lets your customers know that you remember them and want to extend them friendly information, almost like letting them into a circle of trust.

These days, with online communication and interaction being so heavily utilized, email is an excellent way to reach a wide audience and get some repeat business. If you’re interested in doing so, feel free to drop us a line and we can work out a deal for you!

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