March 12, 2015 TXAD

Google Announces New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Google has announced a new algorithm that is leaving many website owners in the dust. Until now, not having a mobile-friendly version of a website hasn’t hurt search engine rankings too much. But starting April 21, 2015, Google’s standards are changing.

phoneMobile friendly sites have achieved high rankings in Google results for quite a while, but desktop-compatible websites were never pinged for not having a mobi-compatible counterpart. Google’s announcement indicates that the company will update its algorithm to use mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. So what does this mean? Users will be able to use Google to find high-quality search results that are also compatible with their devices. If your website isn’t compatible, it may be lost deep into a user’s search results. Your content may be the best, but your website won’t be.

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