January 26, 2015 TXAD

Google Raises the Bar on “Mobile-Friendly” Tag Standards

With the popularity of smartphones, tablets and e-readers, there is a higher demand for websites to become mobile-friendly. Does your website have the capacity to be viewed on multiple platforms? TXAD Internet Services has the responsive Web design tools you need to ensure your website ranks well in mobile searches.

GoogleWhen consumers search for specific terms using Google on their mobile devices, they can quickly tell which sites are mobile-friendly. A “mobile-friendly” tag is attributed to each website capable of displaying correctly on a mobile screen. However, this label is earned by passing a certain set of criteria.

Google is no longer leaving it solely up to webmasters to ensure their websites are adaptable to multiple platforms. The company will send out warnings to users who claim the “mobile-friendly” tag, when in reality their website is not up to par.

If there’s an issue in your website’s mobile adaptability, Google will warn you that your website won’t rank as well on mobile searches, which could cost you many potential customers. In the past, Google has hinted that there would be a ranking signal in “mobile-friendly” tag criteria, and it may be used as a search algorithm in the future.

So how do you get your website in tip-top shape across all platforms? By optimizing your Web experience with TXAD Internet Services. Keep up with Google’s changing standards and ensure that your website will achieve higher rankings in Google searches. Call TXAD Internet Services at 877-518-1989 to discuss your options, so you can reach customers on any platform. Visit our website for more information.

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