October 19, 2012 TXAD

Happy Friday!

As is the case with every job, school, or other activity that you complete on a daily basis, at some point you’ll see people trudging to and from, even if its something they enjoy! This was no exception where I attended higher learning, at Ball State University (up in Muncie, IN). As the days wear on and the activities take on an air of monotony, you can start to feel down in the dumps and struggle to just get through. Every so often though, something will come along and lift your spirits, and reinvigorate you to power through!

On a fateful day in between classes my freshman year, I happened to hear a rousing voice cry out “Happy Friday!”, and a man dressed in thrown-together superhero attire rode by on a motorized scooter, tossing out candy. This individual came to by known as “Happy Friday Guy”, and became an unofficial mascot to the Ball State campus. He would liven people’s spirits and give them a little incentive to press on, because Hey! The weekend was here!

Sometimes you just need a break from what you’re doing, and a little extra to instill a spark back into you. With that in mind, I present to you “Gangnam Style” by PSY. Even if you’re already one of the 500 million views to this particular video (or have no idea what he’s saying), it’s still nice to bring a little smile to you and watch someone be crazy as he horse dances through the streets 🙂