March 15, 2013 TXAD


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Well, as long as you don’t get sued for copyright infringement.

I’ve recently read a few articles that say that Facebook is taking a page from one of it’s biggest rivals, Twitter, and is testing out the use of the hashtag to group conversations.  Or rather, their reason could be because the feature is also used by the photo sharing social network, Instagram, which they acquired last year.  I was one of the main people who got annoyed with people using hashtags on Facebook, where it just shows up as plain text.  Since I’ve recently started using Instagram, I’ve been guilty of this crime as well, lol

For those who don’t know, a “#hashtag” is a quick, but efficient way to link a phrase, link, or picture to other people who have used the same thing.  If your social network or blog supports it, just throw a “#” in front of a word that’s in the post you’re trying to share (2 or more words have to have the spaces taken out, so they appear as one big word) and you can connect to everyone else who had the same idea as you.  It’ll be interesting to see how this will be implemented, if the feature is ever released to the public.

Speaking of Facebook, I hope everyone is prepared for yet another layout change coming soon.  I guess it’s about that time.