March 31, 2015 TXAD

Mobile-Friendly Tag Boosts Search Engine Rankings

Weeks after Google’s announcement to up their standards with new “mobile-friendly” tag policies, many websites are still getting lost in search results. Optimization is key, as many users browse Google on multiple devices, from smartphones to e-readers to tablets. Is your website prepared?

Mobile FriendlyUsers become frustrated when a website is not properly optimized for their smartphone or tablet. Text may appear too small, and links may require excessive zooming to become clickable. Scrolling sideways to see the full screen is tiresome and causes many browsers to simply pass by a website. But Google has made it easier for users to navigate to sites that are optimized for their devices by supplying the “mobile-friendly” tag.

While Google has been practicing the application of this tag since last November, they have recently announced they are upping their standards. Now SEO relies on a website’s placement on the mobile-friendly spectrum. Websites that have the tag will rank higher in mobile search results than websites that do not. What this means is, if your campground or RV park website is not adaptable to every device, you may experience lower Google rankings and become lost in a sea of other websites.

TXAD is addressing this concern through free diagnostic SEO reports. We run tests to evaluate the optimization of your website, and assign a score. We take that score and all the relevant information to assess where to further optimize your website and what is already working well.

You don’t have to be intimidated by Google’s new standards. Working with TXAD Internet is easy and we answer all of your questions. To set up your SEO report, call 877-518-1989 or visit our website for more information.

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