October 12, 2012 TXAD

Responsive Website Design

I came across a good article the other day regarding responsive website (Article) design and it got me thinking. For those that are unaware what responsive design is; It is a method of developing a website in a way to adapt the layout to the viewing environment. Along with using fluid proportion-based grids and flexible images. In English, it adapts to all the devices we can now view a website on, rather it is a iPhone,  iPad, Tablet, Blackberry, Android or an old fashioned desktop computer. Not only are devices now days in the traditional Landscape Orientation, but now they are also Portrait as well.

So I started thinking about how important this type of development method is becoming in Web design. Every client needs a mobile version of their website, and if you think you don’t need one, think again! Over 20% of users are on a mobile device and that number is just going to climb with new inventions, new devices and new technology. Having a site that adapts to devices is the imminent future of web designing and is a skill that every designer must have going forward. The “madness” of technology will never stop growing and being in the field of web design we are on a constant learning curve.