February 28, 2015 TXAD

Signature Signs of a Bad SEO Company

Optimizing your campground or RV park website is a powerful step in creating an effective marketing tool. But not every SEO company has your best interest at heart. Do you know the tell-tale signs of an SEO scam? Here at TXAD Internet, we want to keep you in the know.

txadOptimization may seem as basic as writing meta data to improve your website’s search results, but the scope of an effective SEO company, like TXAD Internet, stretches far beyond that. Be wary of Web programs that prompt you to simply enter in meta tags. These kinds of scams will generate code, but will not create valuable data that will optimize your website. SEO companies who write only for search engines may jam-pack your Web content with keywords that stop the flow of your website’s copy. Keywords need to be interwoven in attention-grabbing and informative copy. After all, if your content doesn’t make sense to a potential customer, you might lose them. Your copy should flow in a natural, organized manner. Keywords should be correctly embedded into the headlines, subheads and stories on your website. SEO scam companies will neglect the need to write real copy for real people.

Some SEO companies might try to sell you links to spammy sites. Linking to other pages is a great networking tool, as rapport from one company can translate to another. But the quality of these links is also vitally important. Your website will make a statement; will it be a credible one?

Utilizing performance tracking will keep you informed. Know exactly who is visiting your site and what they’re looking for. This data is key to successful optimization, just like having a social media presence on your website. Stay plugged into the world of social media – the new word-of-mouth. A presence on social media shows customers that you’re really there for them, and allows you to engage directly with your customer base.  SEO scam companies won’t even incorporate this in their packages.

Choose a company you can trust. TXAD offers SEO optimization packages that keep your site up to date with the ever-changing Google algorithms. Don’t get stuck in the past, or stuck with an SEO company that’s just there to turn your website into keyword spam. Call TXAD Internet Services at 877-518-1989 to discuss your options. Visit our website for more information.

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