December 26, 2014 TXAD

Social Media Marketing is the New “Word of Mouth”

In the age of social media, businesses need to ask the important question of whether or not they are managing social media marketing well. Social media marketing enables businesses to have meaningful conversations and relationships with clients and reach a wider customer base. Is your campground employing effective social media techniques?

Social media Screen shot 2014-12-24 at 4.01.03 PMmarketing is a form of Internet marketing that employs various social media networks in order to achieve branding and marketing communication goals.

From Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIN, Reddit, Google + and more, social media networks offer a wide-open territory for Internet marketing. Social media marketing helps businesses establish a brand, connect with potential clients and address customers’ questions and concerns.

With features like a hash tag search engine, location-based marketing, social media consolidation, multi-account management and customergoogle service, social media marketing is as versatile and useful as ever. Before social media marketing developed, the best way to find customers besides advertising was word of mouth. Now, social networks allow word of mouth to go viral on the Internet on a much larger scale. Social media harnesses the natural desire to give advice and show off knowledge. With TXAD Internet Services, you can harness that instinct and use it in your favor.

Is your social media marketing up to speed? TXAD Internet offers SEO packages that include social media marketing. Call TXAD Internet Services to discuss enhancing your social media presence and building a brand for your campground. Visit our website for more information.


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