October 31, 2012 Michael

Take a Break

In the past, I’d typically spend lunch at my desk. Oh sure, I’d have my lean cuisine but I’d spend my hour surfing the internet or running errands.

I was also getting super burned out. The days seemed like they lasted forever and the weeks started blurring. I need a break. Not a long one (although a honeymoon in Hawaii doesn’t hurt) but just something to break up the day.

Luckily, lunch provides the perfect stopping point, smack-dab in the middle of the day. But it also allows you to converse with your co-workers and NOT talk about work for a bit. As humans, we need those things.

In celebration of Halloween, we asked everyone in the office to bring a dish for a pot luck lunch. We also took it a step further and had everyone dress up.

Fantastic. Anyway, the point is you need to do these things every once in a while. Otherwise, no one will be whistling while they work.