January 24, 2013 TXAD

The Next Big Thing

Have you ever sat around and wondered what would be the next big trend in regards to the internet?  We seem to have come a long way in the past decade…maybe even the past couple of years.  It used to be that you had to go home and turn on the TV to catch the news or your favorite TV show, or you had to go to the library to do research online for a project.  Speaking of books, you had to either check them out from a library or buy them from a store, and depending on the size of the books, you didn’t want to carry too many.  Cell phones were mainly used for talking, although you might feel like sending a text or picture every now and then.  Video game systems were just used for playing video games.  If you wanted to watch a movie, the best thing to do was to buy or rent the DVD.

Of course, things started to pick up with the invention of the iPhone, which caused makers of smartphones to step their game up and branch out from just business consumers and geeks.  The invention of YouTube allowed people to share their own content and reach out to others, and now it even allows for you to make a decent income if enough people like what you’re doing.  Social media evolved and allowed people to have a voice online whenever and wherever; sometimes in 140 characters or less.  If you missed your favorite TV show or wanted to watch a movie, all you have to do was pull out one of many devices and press play, assuming you’re connected to broadband internet with that device.  Oh, and you can now buy a video game system and do all of the above before you go off to win a race or save the planet from an alien invasion.  Phones, computers, tablets, and video game systems have now gotten more powerful and smarter, and web technology has had to adapt to these changes.  A couple months before the year 2012 ended, my Xbox 360 informed me that I could now run Internet Explorer and even use my Windows Phone 7’s touch screen as both a keyboard and mouse to control it.  My, we have come a long way!

So, what will be the next big thing to come about in 2013?  There isn’t a clear answer just yet since the year just started, but my manager told me the other day that CSS4 is well on it’s way.  Adobe is slowly but surely trying to phase out Flash in favor of HTML5.  Phones, computers, and video game systems keep evolving.  The Xbox and Playstation replacements should be out just in time for the holiday season, along with new features.  Now TV’s, appliances, and even cars are becoming web browsers and more.  One thing is for certain: TXAD Internet Services will definitely be on the look out to make sure we bring quality websites to our clients, their customers, and all of their devices.