January 12, 2015 TXAD

Transform Your Website Into a Powerful Marketing Tool

TXAD Internet Services is constantly running Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reports on campground and RV parks’ websites to evaluate the current state of landing pages. While many campground owners invest quite a bit of time into designing their websites, TXAD Internet’s results have shown that they’re missing the mark in Google searches.

MouseAt ARVC’s Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo, TXAD Internet conducted SEO reports on over 30 different campgrounds and RV parks. These SEO reports were eye-opening for park owners who had no idea that their websites had low search results.

As part of these SEO reports, TXAD Internet provides information detailing what’s working well and what needs to be fixed based on a website’s rankings on particular keyword searches.

Websites are powerful marketing tools. When optimized, a website can act as a constant salesperson. Optimization is what will bring potential customers to your website. TXAD Internet offers a monthly SEO service that includes fine-tuning of website content and a new landing page each month that’s designed to achieve higher rankings on Google searches.

Google showcases websites that are constantly updating and providing new information and content, rather than websites that are simply loaded with keywords. TXAD Internet employs writers who create fresh blog content on a weekly basis. TXAD Internet also provides consultations with park operators each month to discuss the optimization of their websites.

Get your website in tip-top shape for the New Year. Call TXAD Internet Services to discuss SEO reports and optimizing your website. Visit our website for more information.


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