December 9, 2014 TXAD

TXAD Internet Services Offers Diagnostic SEO Reports

Last week TXAD Internet Services traveled to the ARVC show in Las Vegas, where they set up a booth and offered free SEO reports to potential customers.

googleCampground owners invest a lot of time in developing beautiful websites, but many of those websites fail to show up in the first few pages of a Google search. TXAD offered diagnostic SEO reports to potential clients to highlight what was working on their websites and what needed to be fixed. The diagnostic tests also provided feedback on keyword search rankings.

TXAD created over 30 SEO reports for attendees, which helped educate business owners on how to get the most out of their websites. “We had an amazing time meeting with park and business owners,” Braden Walker of TXAD said. “We helped encourage and educate them with the steps needed to see the benefits of their 24/7 salesperson – their website.”

TXAD’s diagnostic tests enable campground owners to update their websites and develop new content strategies to achieve a higher ranking on Google. Google has come to realize that companies have tried to overload their websites with certain keywords to achieve higher rankings in search results. Since then, Google has raised the bar to not only look for certain keywords on a website, but also the depth of information provided and how frequently the site is updated.

Is your website equipped to keep up with Google’s improved standards? Call TXAD Internet Services to discuss updating and optimizing your website to improve your ranking in search results.

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