March 23, 2015 TXAD

Website Hosting with Everything You Need

Website hosting doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling process. TXAD Internet makes it easy to evaluate what your website needs to be more successful in search engine rankings. Whether you need to start at square one and rebuild a website, or update it to adapt to new search engine algorithms, TXAD Internet Services offers you all the tools you need to make your website a success.

computerTXAD provides a comprehensive hosting service that gives you everything you need to run a successful website. The process all starts with our free diagnostic SEO test. You’ll receive a score card based on our findings, which will give you an SEO score. The score is an assessment of your website’s health and functionality. The higher the score, the more likely your website is to rank higher in search engine results. TXAD will address reasons the score might be low, like having an old website that isn’t keeping up with Google’s changing algorithms. With the most up-to-date information, TXAD adapts websites to rank high on every device, whether guests are searching via mobile or desktop.

Updating your website is key to having a high SEO score. If your website hasn’t been updated in five years, it may be time to rebuild it. TXAD’s hosting package builds a website that reaches your clients more effectively. With ongoing maintenance services, TXAD offers a way to request updates and repairs via the request submission service. We provide first-class customer service, and answer all the questions you may have about optimizing your website.

To learn more about website hosting and our free diagnostic SEO test, call 877-518-1989 or our website.

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